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Douglasville, Georgia 30134
Office: (678) 977-8300

Specializing in Comprehensive Psychological Testing from 
Young Children through Adults

Areas of Focus: 
        -Neurodiversity & Neuroatypicality

    -Higher Functioning Autism
       -Including Females & Mild Presentations

    -Depression and Mood Concerns

    -Anxiety and Panic

    -ADHD and Executive Functioning Issues

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After working  for decades with children and adults with neurodivergence, especially the autism spectrum and ADHD, it has become abundantly clear that diagnoses are not disorders or diseases, just a different way of being, processing information, and feeling. 
Such labels are only vehicles for communication & intervention. 
Our goal with psychological testing is to increase awareness, education, and self-acceptance, not only in our clients, but their loved-ones and the whole community.  Once individuals realize they are understood, valued, and unique with many strengths, this opens the door for healing, self-love, and the ability to express personal needs and feelings assertively.                   
                                                                                   -Dr. Tina Caudill, Psy.D                                        Licensed Psychologist, Owner of West GA Psych Services